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Eclipse GPS Reviews

The Global Positioning Systems (GPS) by Eclipse has gained popularity over the years being named as the Best of Innovations in the year 2009 in the In-Vehicle Navigation/Telematics/ITS product category for the Eclipse AVN726e. What costumers love about their product are those beautifully rendered maps with elevation data and 3D buildings clearly seen on bright LCD screen with snappy-fast response. It also includes standard features like USB/iPod port, hands-free calling and audio streaming applications and DVD/DivX playback.

Screen and external Features

The Eclipse’s touch screen display features clear and perfectly digital graphics for GPS maps, (especially for the 3d map view which displays basic elevation on road terrains like bridges, humps) video playbacks and other navigational graphics, matched with bright saturated colors that don’t wash-out badly in direct sunlight. It comes with a wider screen for a more convenient viewing and quick-responsive touch controls. External buttons are strategically positioned to avoid unintentional pressing. An external GPS antenna is also present to aid quick satellite signal acquisition. External microphone can also be found in the unit for receiving voice during hands-free mobile calling features. Extra external features include audio/visual attachments like the single-disc CD/DVD slot with non-DRM MP3/WMA/DivX playback capability, a USB (Hard Drive) port with mass memory storage, MP3/iPod compatibility connection, AM/FM radio and an analogue AV input.

Navigation Features

•Available navigation maps are stored on 2GB of internal flash memory which can be updated through software updates on computers to cope with roadmap changes and user preference.

•Personal or additional points of interest, favorite destinations, and routes can also be stored, saved and updated via internal flash memory.

•Through the quick-response screen display, navigation maps are loaded as quickly as a blink with accurate details that are clearly and smoothly displayed for easy reading

•Various map views depending on choices and purpose can be used. They are: 2D display with heading up, 2D display with North up, or a 3D map view with three selectable angles. The 3D view displays basic elevation changes for roads. For example, highway overpasses are raised and pass over other roads on the map, which is helpful for visualizing the road ahead.

•A memory application function on this GPS system remembers the vehicle’s last-known location when the unit is turned-off for quick reacquisition when the unit is restarted.

•Text-to-speech Application reads street names aloud used for location updates and navigation alerts. 

Audio/video features

Latest units of Eclipse’s GPS include a built-in Bluetooth for hands-free mobile calling and audio streaming that lets you call, receive calls and play music directly from your Bluetooth compatible cellular phones. Extra audio and video features are equalizer, video enhancements and adjustments as well as music play list maker for more convenient and organized audio files.

Unit Flaws:

•iPod videos require an add–on cable to be able to be played.

•Additional traffic information needed for navigation requires a Sirius satellite radio module which cannot be found on Eclipse’s GPS units.

•Lack of detachable faceplate will be a security issue for some users.