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SkyCaddie SGX

SkyCaddie SGXThe SkyCaddie is known as the best company in the field of Golf GPS Systems. It has recently launched its latest offering called the SkyCaddie SGX. This product has features that includes stats tracking and a digital scorecard. It also has hole maps which provides an overview that allows a golfer to gain better insights on distance from different points in the course. There are also maps featuring the terrain of the course so that the player can better map out his game.

Doing the set-up of the SkyCaddie SGX is similar to the set-up step of other devices. First, it would involve the registration on the company website in order to make an account. The user should then choose and purchase a membership plan. This will cost from approximately $30 to $60. Afterwhich, the Caddie Sync, a management software, needs to be installed. The user just has to opt for which course to load then add these to the Favorites list. The user could then use the USB cable to connect the SGX to a computer then “synergize” the courses to this device.

The process to set-up the device would take approximately forty minutes. This already includes the time needed to set-up an account on the website as well as to opt for the membership plan. This time also includes the downloading and installation of the needed software as well as the updating of the software and load time of the courses.

The SkyCaddie SGX has a reader-friendly brightly colored screen. The type of screen it has blocks off bright rays so that the display is clear even amidst bright sunlight in the golf course. The view of the holes provided are also very graphic while the greens are given as much detail in the screen. These allow the golfer to strategize a more precise game. There are also many other settings which can be customized. Another good thing about the SkyCaddie SGX is that there are instructions that are both detailed and straightforward. This makes the device relatively easy to set-up and use.

The SkyCaddie SGX has unfortunately the highest total cost for a 3-year period when a test was conducted on the device. The interface would also need some polishing while the course is considered to be still evolving. The SkyCaddie actually took a relatively longer time compared to other similar devices during the set-up process. This was because of the requirements for software updating. The SGX also has a tendency to “freeze” during the first attempt at updating. There are also connection issues that need to be resolved everytime there was an attempt to put the device in sync. The glitch however, may be fixed by pressing the sync button a couple of time as well as through an unplug-plug process.

Other cons of the product include its relatively larger weight. It also lacks a touch screen device which some competitors have. There may also be some confusion with the interface at times. There are also zoom in-zoom out issues that has to be resolved to make the device more user-friendly.