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Garmin Nuvi 1350T

Some pros are that it offers lane assist, its thin & sleek form factor, and it comes with travel tools. It’s cons are that it does not have Bluetooth Interface capability, nor does it offer multisegment routing

Bottom Line
This unit is a good choice for a value-packed 4.3” navigator that is slim, but does not have Bluetooth capability.

Garmin Nuvi 1350T
Sometimes it is difficult to purchase a GPS navigation system because it is hard to decide which features you want. Trying to decipher the variations between the models that are in a particular product line, such as, the differences between the Nuvi 1370T (List Price for the 1370T is $229.99) and the Nuvi 1350T (List Price for the 1350T is approximately $169.99). We will explore the differences between these two models to determine whether the added $60 can be considered justifiable.

What is the Difference?
The main difference between these two models is the maps. The 1370T is preloaded with the maps for Canada, Europe and the United States, whereas the 1350T does not have the European maps. There is an upgrade available for the 1350T that will supply the missing maps for $100; however, if you intend on visiting Europe in the near future, then you may want to consider the 1370T because it is a better deal than just upgrading the less expensive 1350T. Sometimes when traveling it is wise to take your GPS even if you do not rent a car. It is a great way to make sure the cabbies are being honest with you and you can find nearby attractions and restaurants.

The other feature that is available on the 1370T is the ability to connect with a Bluetooth phone interface. The Garmin Nuvi 1350T does not have this capability, but this may not be an issue for you since many of the newer cars offer a Bluetooth connection. The newer cars connections will interface with the audio system in the vehicle.

The ‘T’ in both of the models name indicates that both of these devices offer a built-in traffic receiver as well as a lifetime subscription-free traffic alert system that is supported by advertisements. There will be the occasional ‘pop-up’ add; however, they do not stay on the screen any length of time and can be ignored rather easily. This is a small ‘price to pay’ to avoid construction delays and traffic jams.

The slimmer case that is on the Nuvis 1300 series is one of the features that help in distinguishing them from the previous 200 series, which includes the Nuvi 265WT. The 1300 series also offers a superior pedestrian mode that is compatible with cityExplorer maps.

The 1350T also has a Lane Assist which is a feature used to guide you to the proper lane for the upcoming highway exit or turn.

The 1350T has an ecoRoute that is used to track your fuel usage and even calculate a route that is more fuel-efficient. Of course, this unit also offers the traditional options of the ‘fastest route’ and ‘shortest distance’ methods. You also get a nifty set of travel tools with this model, including a currency converter, a world clock that includes the time zones, a calculator, a measurement converter and a JPEG photo viewer. These kinds of tools are not a common feature among the competitors of this model.

Overall, a Good Choice
The 1300 series is slightly upscale and offers a budget-conscious buyer added value. The 1350T does have the ‘edge’ over all the other models, as long as you are not in need of the Bluetooth interface option. If you are looking for lifetime map updates, consider the 1350LMT, which is otherwise identical to the 1350T, just pricier at a list price of about $209.99.