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Garmin Nuvi 2250

Garmin Nuvi 2250It speaks the street names and offers lane assist. You can use ecoRoute to find a fuel-efficient route. It will recognize your preferred routes with the myTrends application it offers. This GPS can also be used as a pedestrian GPS and there are optional cityXplorer maps to use for information related to public transportation.

There are detailed maps pre-loaded into the Garmin Nuvi 2250 for the U.S., Mexico and Canada.

The guesswork is taken out of which lane you need to be in with Lane assist. It informs you where to go when the road is going to divide. This is extremely helpful in heavy traffic. Lane assist gives you the information you need to be in the proper lane before your upcoming exit or turn.

EcoRoute offers you fuel efficient routing to save you time, as well as money. When you choose the ‘less fuel’ option, your Nuvi 2250 will find the route that is best for you.

There is also an intuitive PND that will actually recognize your preferred destinations it is called myTrends. It is able to estimate what your travel time will be, which is ideal for any scheduled activity or function. This will help you make sure you are on time for all the important events in your life.

The Garmin Nuvi 2250 also offers a calculator, world travel clock including time zones and a measurement and currency converter.

The feature ‘Where am I?’ assists you if there happens to be an emergency. It will offer you the closest gas station, hospital and even police station. All you have to do is tap your screen and your location will correspond with these various services.

The price on the Nuvi 2250 ranges from $120 to $160 depending on where you buy it.

It offers custom Points of Interest, as well as, speed limits for the majority of the major roads.
Street names are spoken for easy guidance.
The Eco Route on this GPS will help lower fuel costs.
The Lane Assist feature makes sure you are in the necessary lane for your route in plenty of time before the turn.
It has maps for the United States, Mexico and Canada.
The GPSTouch Screen Display offers a 3D view of the map.
It has a colorful and extremely clear 3.5” diagonal display that will get you from one point to another.
It only weighs 3.8 ounces, so you will not be weighed down if you are using the pedestrian feature to travel on foot.
*Consider obtaining the optional cityXplorer maps for use with mass transit all around town.

This GPS is not able to import waypoints and routes from Google or MapQuest.

Overall Opinion
The Garmin Nuvi 2250 offers many important features that would be great for a retiree, college student or just an individual that appreciates simplicity and quality. The 2250 is very reasonably priced when you consider all the features it offers.

With the use of the Garmin Nuvi 2250, you will be able to explore new things. Traveling will be fun and stress free with the knowledge that you will not get lost.