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Magellan GPS Reviews

The concept of satellites has changed our daily living. From communications to entertainment, the concept of transmitting signals from space to Earth has increased the reach of many innovations in modern technology. In addition, more satellites have been launched in the past for the purpose of delivering more accurate positions in terms of latitude, longitude and elevation using different reference systems used by locally and internationally. These satellites are the core of the Global Positioning Systems technology and the primary data source for accurate positions using handheld gadgets. Magellan is one of the top manufacturers of GPS capable devices, which range from vehicle navigation, outdoor and mobile. Magellan has specific series for every purpose, providing users with more options in choosing the best navigation tool for their mapping and navigating needs.

Magellan’s GPS system is focused on the said three purposes of navigation. The Magellan Vehicle Navigation product line includes models from the RoadMate and Maestro Series. The RoadMate models boast huge screen sizes for easier viewing, high definition displays for best map viewing, touch screen for fast input of information, highway lane assistance to switch to the right lines when approaching exits and interchanges, hands-free capabilities and superior sound with the integrated Bluetooth technology and free Lifetime Traffic alerts. The Maestro models are the cheaper vehicle navigation units with WQVGA color touch screen, OneTouch favorites menu, TourBook Guide, Road Side Assistance, voice control and commands and up to 6 million points of interest. The eXplorist and Triton are units for outdoor use.

The eXplorist features are designed for a more rugged outdoor activities, some models are waterproof, features a digital 3-axis compass, barometric altimetric sensors, camera with autofocus, paperless geocaching and the Summit Series USA Topographic Mapping data. The Triton series features QVGA displays, voice recorders, flashlight, camera and SD card compatibility. The Mobile products are compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch, transforming these gadgets into fully featured GPS system. With Magellan’s models sorted by series, it is easier to determine the best use of every Magellan handheld and navigation device. However, Magellan units have some disadvantages like hard-to-press keypad buttons, slow response for touch screens, bulky designs, and delayed changes in position parameters after a shift in direction or position and some units have low signal receptions. Some of the top selling Magellan units include Magellan RoadMate 1460, 1700, 1440, 1220, 3045-LM and 3030-LM, Magellan Maestro 4250, 4040 and 4370, eXplorist GC and Triton 500 , 400 and 1500.

Just like other manufacturers of these navigation devices, Magellan also provides users with a collection of maps that are available for download at their website. Though some units have limited preloaded maps, additional maps may be purchased and loaded into the GPS unit. Magellan is often compared to Garmin, but the latter often releases newer models as the technology progresses. But for some people looking for a good navigation unit at a great price, Magellan models are great options for having a personal navigation system. Updates, product registration and support are also available on the manufacturer’s website.