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Sprint GPS App

Technological innovation has definitely made life faster and easier through the different inventions that address general and specific needs. One such invention that has gone a long way and has constantly reinvented itself is the GPS or GPS system. Sprint is one great GPS navigation service provider for mobile cellular phones. Great GPS features are provided to consumers for free via software download. Positive feedbacks for its amazing performance are heard allover.

Navigation Features and applications
Using a Sprint GPS mobile application, you can encode and save destination addresses or retrieve one up from previously stored location addresses. Users could also resort in using Sprint-s on-line location directory via internet to retrieve routes, road maps and other points of interests that are freely downloadable. Sprint GPS Applications also exhibits some voice command features. Road destination directions are presented to users on voice turn by turn instructions as well as printed instruction formats displayed on-screen. User-s can also choose from 2d or 3d navigation map displays that suits their preferences and purpose. If you miss a turn it will automatically re-calculate the route for you and load it into your phone.

Map and Traffic Features
Using the maps and traffic features provided by the application, you can view your current location or a destination previously stored in the address storage section in the application. Now for a real and unique feature that you cannot find in most portable GPS applications, using the Sprint’s GPS system, you can get real time traffic updates and reports. That’s right, you can get real traffic updates on your route or destination you are traveling to and even get suggestions on an alternate route. This application works by displaying your route from two points (A & B) and displays areas with traffic congestion and tells the average mph speed of the traffic condition in a chosen area. The software displays the route and uses a map legend which is a combination of signs and symbols with color coding to show and indicate either minor, moderate, or serve traffic incidents. These legend icons are displayed along the route to show where the traffic conditions are for more accurate driving and navigation purposes. This real traffic saver application is really a cool feature that can save your valuable time even before you even plan your trip or maybe right there and then when you needed some traffic advice in no time. After planning your destination you can view traffic conditions before you start your trip and if necessary plan an alternative route. So if you are deciding to buy a cell phone or change service providers, you may want to check this out. As always before changing cell phone providers make sure you are going to have good coverage by going to their website and looking at their coverage maps.

Application Deficiencies
Mobile navigation applications like the one provided by Sprint cannot be as accurate as the ones specifically made for cars. Limited information and services can be derived from this software if compared to those that acquired using high-tech navigation devices. Furthermore, mobile navigation software can never get to the level of driving convenience brought about by navigation systems for cars and its extra features. Yet, mobile GPS could be a good option to non-frequent users.