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golf gps If you want to have a game simulated as if you were playing with your caddie then the Golf GPS Systems is the way to go. This system though would not make an issue out of the way you select your club. When speaking of the length of your swing, this system can be considered a notch ahead compared to your typical caddy. However, the measure of a suitable golf GPS system cannot be measured through its knowledge of golf swing distance alone. It is also a must or a standard that the system shows a map of the holes so that the user can anticipate troubled and targeted spots. The user can then form an appropriate strategy before he proceeds with the tee.
There are already many innovations in Golf GPS system. One system even has a video overview for each of the holes. Some models also have satellite images for each of the holes. Aside from providing the actual distances, a good system would really be one that helps the player improve his golfing strategies. The benefits of a good system would thus reduce the number of strokes you have. It would improve the speed of your game. It would also aid in starting and playing through every hole with an adaptable plan which one can execute confidently. The use of Golf GPS system is actually legal under the golf association rules staring from the year 2005.

To understand this innovation in the golfing game, one has to understand first the background of GPS. Global Positioning System or GPS is now possible because of the existence of satellites to orbit the earth. These satellites transmit signals that allow the system receivers to make calculations to display precise locations as well as data on time and speed for the user.

GPS actually helps improve the golf game through the following ways and features:

Improving Course Management

The golf GPS system aids through giving the golfer a better understanding of the hazard, target, and distance for each hole. This holds true for every site the player reaches and not just at the tee box stage.

Better Choice of Clubs to Target More Accurately
In golf, there are instances when the golfer can only see a certain angle of the hole. However, with the help of the GPS map overviews plus the screens with a layout on the hazards and distance to targets, the player will gain better insight as to the choice of clubs that will allow more accurate swings toward the hole.

A Better Appreciation of the Greens
When a player gets nearer the greens, the golf GPS system can provide information such as the shape and size of the greens as well as its distance coming from the back, center and front of the green. The system also provides distance information on the water hazard and bunkers. These are very valuable information for a golfer who wants to improve his game.

Other Golf GPS Features
– Stats Analysis
– Ball Track
– Distance Calculator
– Digital Scorecard