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Garmin Approach G3

Garmin Approach G3The Approach G3 is purely a touch screen device. It also has an easily navigable display with the preview and play icons in place. If one selects play, one will be presented with different selections of golf courses. The user will also be presented a golf hole overview in full color drawing. It also shows the distance of the hole from the different fairways and terrain portions.

The upper left portion of the screen would also show the whole no. To open up the distance measurement function and the scorecard, the user would just have to touch the upper left portion. Touch targeting can also be used to preview a certain distance. When the player approaches the greens, a corresponding green diagram would also occur on the display. The graphics may be adjusted by simply touch and dragging the pin.

– Digital scorecard
– Touch targeting
– Waterproof
– Course Preview
– Preloaded Golf Courses data in the United States
– 2.6 inches display

The Garmin Approach G3 VS. The Garmin Approach G5
If one compares the Garmin Approach G3 GPS system with that of the Garmin Approach G5, one will be able to observe some differences. The G5 has 3 inches display screen while the G3 only has a 2.6 display. The Garmin Approach G3 is thus lighter and smaller. Another difference is the stats track feature. The G3 does not have this feature while the G5 has this feature. This will allow the G5 to have stats such as the no. of fairways and greens hits plus the number of putts.

Garmin turned over the course, so to speak, of the golfing GPS market because it introduced the Garmin G5 with a database of golf courses and updates which come for free. To build up on this momentum, the company decided to introduce a lower price version through the G3.

Pros and Cons
The G3 device can be considered as reasonably priced given its high performance. It is really value for one’s money to have all eighteen thousand plus golf courses stored for free on its database. Its waterproof and rugged look are also plus factors for the product. On the downside, the screen is quite small although it does its touch screen function fairly well. The G3 also is not able to track statistics such as the number of hits in the fairways and the number of putts. Overall though, this unit gets the job done. There are just some sacrifices made to some features in order to come up with a more reasonably priced gadget.

The G3 is also a notch above some apps on smart phones for golfing enthusiast because this gadget is more durable. Its chassis is rubberized aside from being waterproof. The GPS signal is also very reliable and accurate which is expected from a Garmin product. Its large numbers or text also more than compensates for the small screen display. All in all the Approach G3 can be considered as a good value as well as durably built device.