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Magellan Maestro 4370

Magellan Maestro 4370In the under $200 GPS market, the Magellan Maestro 4370 deserves serious consideration. The price point is decidedly on the lower end of the spectrum for aftermarket GPS units, but the Magellan Maestro 4370 offers many of the options of the higher cost models for a frugal investment. The 4.3 inch size touch screen could be considered a con if compared to more expensive models that offer up to 7 inch size screens, but in the under $200 price range the 4.3 inch size touch screen is one of the largest available.

The Magellan Maestro 4370 features voice guidance with street names. Having the street name announced is quite handy, and prevents a lot of guesswork about whether you’ve traveled 400 feet from the last referenced point. Voice guidance lets you keep your eyes on the road, and having street names further simplifies finding your way to your destination.

If getting to your final destination involves interstate travel, the Magellan Maestro 4370 offers lane guidance and live traffic reports. Lane guidance let’s you know in advance when you need to move from your current lane in order to make the next exit or turn, so you spend less time finding a place to turn around! The live traffic reports alert you to slow moving traffic, and with route optimization options you can make the changes you need to arrive at your destination on time. Just in case you’re tempted to push the gas a little harder to make it to the meeting on time, the Maestro 4370 will warn you that you’re exceeding the speed limit! The speed limit warning feature can also be very handy when traveling in unfamiliar areas where the speed limit sign escaped your attention.

The Maestro 4370 is also equipped to enable Bluetooth hands-free calling. Having Bluetooth capabilities is a definite plus, particularly as more and more localities enact laws banning cellphone use without a hands-free device. A couple of drawbacks to the Bluetooth connection are having to initial the call on the GPS even when your phone is set to auto connect, and a call cannot be switched from the GPS back to the phone. If you arrive at your destination and are in the middle of a phone call, you’ll either have to finish your call before getting out of your car, or disconnect and then return the call from your phone. Over 6 million points of interest are available on the Maestro 4370, and you can add One Touch icons for personal points of interest.

Frequent stops can be stored as One Touch icons so that you can quickly find your way without searching for the location each time you plan a trip. The One Touch icons can be satellite office locations, favorite restuarants, the stadium where your favorite football team plays, or any location that you want to be able to find with just one touch!

Overall, the Maestro 4370 from Magellan is well-equipped with many features that make it worthy of consideration if you’re searching for a reasonably priced aftermarket GPS.