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TomTom GO 740

Technological innovation has definitely made life faster and easier through the different inventions that address general and specific needs. One such invention that has gone a long way and has constantly reinvented itself is the GPS or GPS system.

GPS is short for Global Positioning System. It is a set of satellites, computers and other electronic devices that which use transmissions from satellites in order to show exact and accurate position; usually in a chart or map. Basically, it is used for navigational purposes.

There are lots of available models of GPS system. One of your choices would be the TomTom GO 740 Live. It is actually the brand names first connected-GPS device. And it has a lot of high-end features.

For one, it has a built-in wireless data connection. Thus, you can enjoy new features that were not able in previous TomTom models. For instance, you can now use the Local Search powered by Google. You can look for maps, directions, and information anytime anywhere. You can also be updated with the up-to-date traffic situation because this model is capable of delivering real time traffic information through the HD traffic feature. You can also get the latest weather forecasts and fuel prices.

Another feature is the TomTom Map Share which is actually a user-generated map correction system. This lets you update and correct map information more frequently. For instance, you can correct incorrect street names, traffic directions, turn restrictions, and speed limits among others. It also gives you the freedom to add and edit points of interests. The settings can also be further customized. You can choose to receive Map Share updates in general or TomTom-approved updates only, or even none at all. The voice command and Bluetooth hands-free calling will also let you keep both hands on the wheel while using the device.

Another bonus point for this TomTom GO 740 Live is the IQ routes feature which logs and looks at historical speed data. It then calculates the fastest route from one point to another. This can be very useful if you want to have a short trip even during rush hours. Speech recognition tools are also added features. You can already use your voice to activate particular controls like entering addresses and switching map views.
But even though this model has a lot of good points, there are also bad points to watch out for. For instance, there have been reports from users that their device has experienced bugs and crashes. And though some controls can be activated by voice, this is somehow limited. Traffic information is also limited as well. Information comes in from only the major freeways.
Finally, route calculations can also get slow; most especially if you are using it in while you are in a moving vehicle. Usage can also be a bit tricky as it is not as user-friendly as other models like those from the Garmin. There is actually no simple way to go back to the main menu or map screen. The screen in particular is also dim and it can get washed out if you are in a location with bright sunlight. It can also be expensive.