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DeLorme inReach

DeLorme inReachThe DeLorme inReach is positioned to be a unique but certainly useful device. This two-way satellite communicator GPS unit is able to send and receive text messages which were only present in satellite phones and high end devices before. This gadget is viewed to be a cost effective solution and versatile enough for users. For a price of 249 dollars this little thing is but 14.4 ounces in weight making it ideal to carry around. It operates with 2 AA batteries that can last for a very long time or 120 hours to be exact. The makers of this GPS communicator are proud to give its users features such as message delivery confirmation, interactive SOS and remote tracking. What these features are will be taken up later on in this article.

The DeLorme inReach, promises to give you the power to communicate no matter where you are. Even if you are in a spot were cell phone or one-way satellite messengers fail to catch a signal, you will always be connected with the DeLorme inReach. This unit is one-of-a-kind and may be paired with an Android Smartphone to enhance your communication capabilities by adding two-way satellite messaging in your user experience.

That is not all; you can even post in facebook to Twitter if you like once you have your android phone paired via Bluetooth with the DeLorme inReach! Have you ever wondered if your message reached its intended receiver? With this unit it can give you delivery confirmation on the fly whether you use the inReach independently or paired with an android phone. The remote tracking feature gives you the liberty to choose anyone to keep track of your trails which can be updated in intervals of your choosing.

It is hard to find something to write negative about this unit because it has really outstanding features. With the exception of SPOT devices, the ability to send and receive text messages even without a cell phone signal around has been around for a while but not typically available in GPS communicators. The only real complaint would be that you have to maintain a 10 dollar a month plan to enjoy all these services. But that is only the most basic plan, if you want more features you have to upgrade to another plan you have to upgrade to the 25 dollar plan or the 50 dollar a month plan to get the fullest potential of this unit and for some that is just a bit tedious.

Lastly, some users comment that pairing with an android smartphone would be quite confusing when it could have just made it everything as a standalone feature in the DeLorme inReach. In sum, if you want something that is the absolute best for all time, then you will be likely dissatisfied, but if you want a GPS communicator that does what it is suppose to do, then the DeLorme inReach is the closest thing to perfection you can have. This unit is superb in its features and with some unique abilities to boot.