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Garmin Oregon 450

Garmin Oregon 450If you travel a lot despite having a poor sense of direction, then you’d do yourself a favor by purchasing a GPS device, such as the Garmin Oregon 450, one of the most recent releases from the touchscreen Oregon series. When it comes to satellite navigation (SatNav), the Garmin devices have created quite a buzz among those who travel a lot and enjoy the advantages of using SatNav technologies in their travels. If you’re looking for one, perhaps you might want to consider choosing the Garmin Oregon 450.

Choosing the right GPS navigation device can be a bit tricky. As the adage goes, “Different strokes for different folks.” And you don’t want to spend your cash on features that you won’t use and don’t care a fig about. What you need is a GPS device that has everything that you need and is reliable in performing its functions.

The device is very easy to carry with you. In fact, you can cover it with the palm of your hand. It’s also touch-enabled, and navigating the interface is such a breeze that you feel as if the device is an extension of your arm. Turning the power on and off is done using a button, which is the only button not using the touch-screen interface. The device’s triaxial compass is state-of-the-art, allowing a full range of capabilities that result to a more accurate reading of directions and positioning. The responses are on the fly, giving you the signs that require an immediate response.

The Garmin Oregon 450’s barometric altimeter also plays a big role in determining changing weather conditions. This is especially helpful in outdoor expeditions such as hiking, mountain climbing, biking, and the like. You can also use this feature to keep a record of your trips and pinpoint your location on a topographic map. If you love to hunt and fish, you’ll be interested to know that the Garmin Oregon 450 has the “hunt/fish” feature. This provides you information on when is the best time for hunting and fishing among designated fishing locations on the map.

One of the coolest features of the device is that information can be shared wirelessly with other Garmin users. Collated data are gathered via GPS log sites which can come quite handy in your travels. As a Garmin user, you can also log your data. Not only will you keep track of your progress, you are also contributing data at the same time.

As to durability, this device is tops. It takes a lot of physical force for it to break. It’s water resistant too, which is awesome when you travel a lot in places that has lots of water.

One disadvantage that the device has is that the price can be very daunting for some. Priced at $320, you have to think twice if spending all that money is worth it. But it is, and you get your money’s worth and more for the reliability and functionality the device provides you. The device’s battery life at 16 hours is a bit of a let down, though. But it’s of no consequence if you always remember to charge up before you go on a long travel or trek.

Overall, the Garmin Oregon 450 is a spectacular GPS device. It is user-friendly, has an intuitive interface, and has additional features that you can certainly put to good use. At $320, it’s a bit expensive, but you get a big bang for your buck in the long run.