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Garmin Nuvi 50

The Garmin Nuvi 50 features a bright and large 5″ Color screen that is easy to read and user friendly. The model has an easy to use touch screen Interface; it offers lane assist navigation that includes turn-by-turn directions with audible street names. A new and helpful speed limit indicator displays speed limits in the bottom right corner for most major roads. The Nuvi 50 also offers configurable vehicle icon that allows users to select fun, customized car-shaped icons.

Key Features
Speed limit display and warning: The Nuvi 50 displays the current speed limit of the road you are traveling in the lower right corner of the screen next to the speed you are actually going. The icon will turn red when you go over the speed limit.

Lane assist: This model displays the next turn direction in the upper left corner. The lane that the GPS suggests for you to drive in will be highlighted to ensure your next turn can be navigated smoothly. This feature is primarily used on major highways and freeways, as well as urban areas.

Customizable display: You can choose which feature you would like to display on your Nuvi 50 screen. You can display the time, expected arrival time, elevation level, and the speed limit on the right side if you wish. The user is able select customized vehicle icons.

Current location: Tapping on your car or current location icons on the map brings up the Where Am I? screen. This feature assists you in locating nearby places, such as fuel, hospitals, and police stations. It will display your exact current location and the next exit or address available.

The large touch screen is easy to read, affordable, and user friendly. The model is a slim design and easily fits in pockets. The speed limit indicator is a vital tool to decrease speeding; it can also alert you when approaching red lights. This model has lane assist navigation, which prompts you which lane is best to use when navigating on unfamiliar highways. Free lifetime downloadable maps are offered with this model. The Garmin Nuvi 50 has a “quiet recalculating” feature for when you go off course.

The dashboard mounting disc and USB cable are not included with the Nuvi 50. Customers have complained that the battery life only approximately lasts less than two hours. Map downloading can be timely and only include 48 states, not including Alaska, Hawaii and Canada. This model is a basic GPS and does not feature all of the bells and whistles of a fancy GPS system such as; Bluetooth calling, traffic data, or Internet connectivity.

If you are looking for a basic updated affordable Garmin model, the Garmin Nuvi 50 would be a great GPS. The large screen is easy to read and user friendly. The model includes a suction cup mounting device and a car charger with the GPS unit, as well as free downloadable maps.