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TomTom GO 2535 TMWTE

 TomTom GO 2535 TMWTE ReviewsAre you in the market for a GPS navigation system for your car? Look no further than the TomTom GO 2535 TMWTE. This nifty gadget has features that will make your next road trip to an unknown place a pleasure. The main reasons why you should make this investment are as follows.

Top Notch Navigation capabilities

You will be buying this for the mapping system and the one in here impresses. It comes with lifetime traffic and map updates included. Whether it is a small dirt road in the middle of nowhere or a superhighway spanning the entire country, the mapping system will have this update. You will not have to worry about inaccuracy because TomTom’s Latest Map Guarantee, Map Update Service and Map Share all work together to ensure that your maps are accurate. Not only will maps cover extensive areas, but you will get help in your daily commute by getting you the most convenient route with its IQ Routes feature, advice on what route to take and which to avoid using clear arrows and images.

Extremely easy to use

You do not need an advanced degree to figure out how to use the TomTom GO 2535 TMWTE. The fact that it has a voice recognition feature means that you can avoid having to learn which buttons to press until you have enough time. The Bluetooth capability coupled with the voice recognition means that you can make your calls without having to pull over. The voice recognition system in this navigation system is so advanced that you can speak out your directions normally and you do not have to repeat them. It is definitely a plus compared to other systems in the market. The interface is also intuitive and easy to manipulate.

Manageable size and weight.

For people how prefer looking at the screen to see where they are going as opposed to using the voice feature, the 5 inch screen of the TomTom GO 2535 TMWTE comes in handy. It weights a little over quarter of a kg meaning that it is better as a car navigation system. Most drivers will not find the weight an issue after installing in in their vehicle.

World class customer care.

Do you have a problem with your system? A quick call to the manufacturers help desk should solve the problem in no time. The assistance is fast and friendly over the phone and on email.

That being said, there are a few unattractive aspects about the TomTom GO 2535 TMWTE. Most people that intend to use it outdoors will probably its weight an annoyance. Another demerit comes from an aspect of the help and support from the manufacturers. The live chat feature leaves a lot to be desired.

The final verdict

All in all, $349.95 is a bargain for all the features you get. It allows you to customize the outside of your physical navigation GPS receiver with nice graphics. The extensive and accurate mapping system is also a plus.