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Sony GPS Reviews

Sony‘s GPS (Global Positioning System) has never failed to offer the most up-to-date and reliable technology of navigation systems to the market today as it combines its audio/video expertise with the finest companies in providing navigational solutions to land travelers all-over the world while continuing to offer world-class audio/video features in every driving experience.

Navigation Features and applications

Using a Sprint GPS mobile application, you can encode and save destination addresses or retrieve one up from previously stored location addresses. Users could also resort in using Sprint-s on-line location directory via internet to retrieve routes, road maps and other points of interests that are freely downloadable. Sprint GPS Applications also exhibits some voice command features. Road destination directions are presented to users on voice turn by turn instructions as well as printed instruction formats displayed on-screen. User-s can also choose from 2d or 3d navigation map displays that suits their preferences and purpose. If you miss a turn it will automatically re-calculate the route for you and load it into your phone.

The Sony XNV–660BT In-Dash Receiver powered by TomTom exhibits the Sony–TomTom undeniable finesse in GPS designed to offer drivers the total package of technology, innovation and style. Sony‘s new navigation systems feature some of the most advanced car audio, video and navigational technologies in market today.

Screen Display and Navigation Applications

Sony‘s GPS technology provides a 6.1“ touch-screen and user friendly display with a stylish graphical user interface (GUI) that includes large, easy-touch buttons that offers the brightest and highest contrast screens available in market today pre-loaded with TomTom‘s updated and reliable database of both the United States and Canada road–maps as well as useful road management applications that keeps the driving experience at ease. Its Dual View capacity gives the driver a display of audio/video information right within the navigation process. Audible street names gives you an option of exactly where to go including lane options to help you with heavy traffics and busy intersections are provided through the enhanced lane graphics by the Advanced Lane Guidance application. The IQ Route application by TomTom, also incorporated in Sony‘s navigation systems gives an update of your travel time, calculated through actual traffic speed. It comes with a free one–year map updates and upgrades with no extra charges provided TomTom‘s MapShare application software via computer and internet. In addition, it also includes more than 60 million points of interest including gas stations, malls, landmarks, restaurants etc. TomTom‘s map database incorporated on Sony navigation technologies features more than a million more miles of roads than any other GPS providers in the United States.

Audio and video front

Sony‘s navigation technologies doesn‘t just offer navigational solutions powered by TomTom but it also showcase its own audio/video proficiencies integrated with every GPS technologies. It features the Advanced Sound Engine (ASE) matched with the surround sound system throughout the car that provides quality, and high-tech digital audio and video experience perfect for playing music and watching movies. It also offers audio application options like the equalizer for audio customization to match every user‘s preference. Moreover, the built–in Bluetooth Streaming Application lets you play music straight from your mobile phones without enduring the hustle of connecting to the stereo However, Sony also provided a USB connection on every GPS units to make listening from iPods or iPhone as easy as plug–and–play.

Hands-Free calls

Calling and receiving calls is a major driving discomfort for most drivers. That is why the Bluetooth Streaming Application was made not just for music playing but also for the comfort of having mobile calls while driving. It comes with a built-in voice command-capable microphone that enables voice dials using a compatible phone with a Bluetooth feature.

This is evidently a formula of a perfect driving experience. The only question now is if you‘ll make the right choice when it comes to the kind of GPS system you wish to use?