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Iphone GPS App

The newly released iPhone 4 showcase some great new features, and some upgrades that will specifically improve the smartphone. It adds to it a new technology of GPS for land navigation purposes.

Maps+Compass Application
The newly released iPhone 4’s got this new cool and exciting application called maps+compass application which is perfect for travelers and people on the go and is very handy and convenient to use whenever, wherever. Been lost on a totally foreign block? Or having troubles finding places and routes? Or maybe you just want a sweet escape from the hassle of heavy traffics on juctions and intersections? Well, this could be answer! Figure-out getting here and there in as easy as 1-2-3 with the use of combined GPS, Wi-Fi and cellular tower signals from your iPhone’s maps+compass application. The new feature also allows the users to drop a spot on their present location and mark the places you’ve gone and gives timely updates when moving from place to place which can be shared through the MMS or email together with personal notes and other stuff including images or audio is possible with the use of the iPhone 4.

Interest Spots and additional info
The new GPS application incorporated in the iPhone4 provides the capacity to pinpoint points of interest and possible landmarks within your current location to fit your needs and wants in different criteria such as restaurants, gas stations, hospitals and the like. Plus, it also displays detailed information about your chosen spot like the address, contact details, as well as traffic condition and road information on your route indicated as red for heavily congested streets, yellow for moderate and green highlights for smooth flowing street traffics which provide more specified place hunting.

Extra Features
The iPhone 4’s retina touch-screen display gives a high-definition and detailed graphical maps for a more accurate display which could also be useful while driving. It provides different view options such as the map view, satellite view and hybrid view to suit your preference and purpose. For a more assured overview of a place, the application also has the capacity of a street view as well as zooming in and out a particular spot. Moreover, with iPhone, you can view a list of turn-by-turn directions or follow a highlighted map route and track your progress with GPS. You can choose to see walking or driving directions, or even see what time the next train or bus leaves with public transit directions.

Built-in Digital Compass
The map application also comes with a digital compass which is very useful in finding and knowing directions and positions depending to where the iPhone is facing. The digital compass also is the one that coordinates the map application to rotate to match the direction you are facing.

Although the iPhone’s navigation technologies might be useful, it will not be as convenient if used while driving. Furthermore, the iPhone’s screen size and features can never be compared to the convenience brought by wide screen displays of GPS technologies built for cars as well as its voice prompt and other features conducive for driving condition.