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TomTom XXL 540S

TomTom XXL 540S ReviewTomTom is a manufacture that has achieved worldwide recognition because of its GPS systems. When a driver needs accurate navigation with a large visual display, the TomTom XXL 540S is perfect. This GPS system has a host of innovative features designed to help the user navigate anywhere. The unit is compact and comes with a 5-inch screen, an internal battery and multiple programs. The large screen is what sets this device apart from others. The display is a full color touchscreen that makes it easy to navigate the menu. This device folds up neatly to take anywhere and is uncomplicated to use.

The XXL is a larger version and still only weighs approximately seven ounces making it perfect for easy portability. The XXL 540S has added safety features that make accessing local emergency services quick with the get help menu. The fold and go mounting port easily lets the user attach and detach the system making it easy to transport the device.

A notable feature is the plug and go that allows the user instant access to the GPS system on without the need of a lengthy installation process. The device has millions of points of interest. The customization feature allows the user to load their points of interest directly into the navigation device. The TomTom XXL 540S comes with maps of the entire continental United States, as well as Puerto Rico and Canada.

A distinguishing feature of the XXL 540S is the IQ Routes Technology. This unique feature allows the user to determine the best way to their destination. This technology self-adjusts on the go and re-analyzes the route for the user. This technology will give the user the fastest route by using actual average speeds of travel to calculate rather than the speed limits.

The TomTom XXL 540S has advanced features like lane guidance; voice activated driving instructions and the ability to update maps. The lane guidance is especially convenient when approaching an exit on the highway. The device displays a view of the highway, the exit signs and a flashing arrow indicating exactly which lane the driver should be in to exit the highway. The lane guidance feature brings more precision to lane exits making the driver more confident on the road.

One of the drawbacks is routing from a stationary vehicle is a lot quicker than routing from a moving vehicle. A small problem exists on the change preference screen. There is a button to advance forward but no button to go backwards. If the user misses a page, the user has to forward through all pages again to find the missed page.

A key disadvantage is this device seems to have problems updating software. It does not have enough memory space for new maps and no options exist to expand the memory. Another major disadvantage is it takes longer than normal to acquire a satellite signal and loses contact periodically for no obvious reasons. There is only a 30-day warranty that comes with this GPS system.

The TomTom XXL 540S appears to be a quality system and one that is highly reliable and accurate. The XXL 540S is loaded with features and advanced technology that will give the driver the ultimate navigation experience and retails for approximately $299.99.