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Garmin Nuvi 3790T

Manufactured by one of the most trusted names in GPS technology, the Garmin Nuvi 3790T is one of the thinnest GPS devices currently for sale. Its dimensions of 4.8 inches by 2.9 inches with a thickness of less than half an inch make the Nuvi 3790T sleek and attractive.

Featuring a higher resolution than older models, 800 by 480 pixels, and a 4.3 inch screen this GPS unit displays one of the crispest images available to consumers today. Zooming the image works much the same as on a smartphone, by simply sliding two fingers closer together or further apart on the touchscreen. Automatic screen rotation is another technology similar to that of other new mobile media devices.

The mounting bracket that is packaged with the GPS unit is based on a standard ball-and-socket joint. The bracket features a built-in speaker to make spoken directions clear and understandable. Traffic information is fed through the mount and the Nuvi can recharge while in use. The device also comes equipped with an internal speaker to optimize pedestrian travel in addition to the typical motor vehicle use. Unmounted, the Nuvi 3790T weighs a mere 4.1 ounces.

One drawback of this model is that lifetime map updates are not included. There are many less expensive GPS models that do offer updated mapping. This makes the suggested price of $450 seem high. Garmin does attempt to make the price worth it with the addition of several new components.

One of the features that comes with the Garmin Nuvi 3790T is free traffic information. The Navteq updates fit well with the new trafficTrends technology. TrafficTrends learns daytime traffic patterns to increase accuracy of the time to reach the destination. The daily commute is made easier by the myTrends program. By saving a location in the favorites section, the GPS will automatically sense the location as the target, without being told. This will show pertinent traffic details and an estimated time of arrival. Unfortunately, Navteq is supported by advertising and this may be a drawback to some customers.

To lower chances of distracted driving, voice commands are able to be turned on by speaking a command. Adding a Bluetooth enabled phone allows for hand-free calling to make the drive even safer. If traveling in an unfamiliar location, the lane assist program will show the correct lane for upcoming exits and junctions which can reduce driver confusion.

Of course no Garmin would be complete without several features that customers have come to see as standard. Spending less on fuel is simple with ecoRoute recommending more efficient routes and tracking fuel use. A measurement converter and a world clock with time zones fill the need for information while traveling. The GPS is compatible with Garmin Garage, allowing the user to download new vehicles and navigation voices.

The Garmin Nuvi 3790T is loaded with features that make it simple and efficient. It is well designed and fits nicely in a pocket. However, the device’s high price tag makes it seem lacking when compared to less expensive models.