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Garmin Nuvi 250W

garmin nuvi 250wThe Garmin Nuvi 205W is a personal travel assistant leading the way turn-by-turn. This GPS is ideal for those who are always on the go. The Garmin Nuvi 205W has pre-loaded maps for the contiguous United States.

When the majority of people are thinking about a GPS device, the Garmin Nuvi will usually come to mind. The 200 series of Garmin navigators has a fantastic blend of value coupled with ease of use. The Nuvi 2×5 line of navigation devices is looking to build on Garmin’s previous reputation with several new features, but still maintaining a very reasonable and relatively low price.


It is reasonably priced at about $100.00.
The Garmin Nuvi 205W offers a sizable touch screen with an easily understandable interface.
This unit exhibits a somewhat faster start-up, trip routing or rerouting and destination entry than its competition.
It also offers a feature called ‘Where am I?’ that is extremely useful should there be an emergency.
The Garmin Nuvi 205W has very pleasing menus that are easy to use.
Easy connect ability because all that the user needs is a standard usb cable to connect the device to the computer.
A good manufacturer support and the windshield mount is made very well.
There is an SD card reader located on the side of the Nuvi 250W that allows the user to view pictures in a slideshow when the GPS is not being used for navigation purposes.
During the day, the screen is extremely bright, making it easy to see.
The screen dims automatically at night. The colors of the screen change to ‘night mode,’ the bright white background turns to blacks and dark blues.
There is a trip feature on the unit that keeps track of how long you were actually moving, how long you were stopped, average speed, number of miles driven, total time of travel, etc.
It has a battery life of four to five hours.
It offers easy access to a broad view of the map.
The user has the ability to choose the GPS to display the current speed limit. This feature is extremely accurate changing the speed limit instantly when it changes on the road.


The cradle used for mounting the unit is bulkier than any of the competing models.
There are some minor inaccuracies on the maps.
Sometimes there are odd route selections.
There are not many of the advanced functions that are found on the Tom Tom.
The touch screen needs to be more sensitive.
There is a slight delay when you are typing, which makes it difficult to see what you are typing.
The spacebar is small and over to the right.

The Final Analysis

The Garmin Nuvi 250W is a good choice GPS navigator for those who are interested in a speedy performance without having to break the bank.
If you are interested in having the ability to receive traffic updates, or movie times on your GPS, then this device would not be a good choice. However, if you just want something to get you from place to place, this would be a GPS to consider.