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TomTom GO 2505-TM

Are you looking for a reliable GPS that won’t leave you stranded at an affordable price? The TomTom Go 2505-TM is available for just $219.99 both online and in many electronics stores. The simple rectangular design of this unit highlights the large five inch touch screen with excellent graphics. The screen is slightly glossy, but bright enough to be easily visible in daylight as well as darkness. This unit attaches to the windshield of your car using a suction cup that is secured with magnets for easy installation and removal.


This TomTom GPS features crisp graphics and a touch screen with a on-screen menu that has been simplified from previous TomTom models. The TomTom Go 2505-TM features free map and traffic updates for life along with integrated Bluetooth for hand’s free calling and voice commands for address entry and menu navigation.


The large glass touch screen is framed by a simple black enclosure for a sleek look. The power button is located in the top left-hand corner and doubles as a charging status indicator. The loudspeaker is hidden in the back of the unit so that it doesn’t interrupt the modern design of the unit. A 12-volt power connection is located on the bottom edge of the unit. This cable is connected to the chassis with small magnets and it’s connection is 20-pin.
Finally, along the bottom edge of the Go chassis is a proprietary connection point for its 12-volt power cable. An inline receiver for the unit’s traffic service is located in the cable.

The car cradle included with the GPS unit uses a suction cup that locks onto your vehicle’s windshield using a knob that twists. There is a ball joint located at the base of the cradle’s neck for articulation. The use of magnets in cradle allow this TomTom to be removed with one hand.

The simple interface and crisp graphics draw many people to the TomTom Go 2505-TM, along with the low price tag. The touch screen is very responsive, a fact that is appreciated by most users. Another pro is that this unit is free of advertising, making it easy for users to get the information they need without being bombarded by ads. The maps cover roadways in Mexico and Canada as well as the U.S. and more than seven million points of interest are also included. The route planning feature is handy for users who like to plan their trips in advance.

There are a few drawbacks to the TomTom Go GPS units. One of them is that no SD or microSD card is included, so users must connect their unit to their computer for updates using a USB adapter. Another drawback is that the voice command system includes little spoken guidance and no on-screen prompts, so most users have to read the manual to figure out the commands their unit uses.


This TomTom GPS is highly rated and has received excellent reviews from most users. It’s large screen and simple menu make it easy to use while on the road. Integrated Bluetooth and lifetime updates are some of the features often praised by users.