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TomTom XL 350-TM

The XL 350-TM has seven million points of interest (POIs).
There is a live traffic receiver on models that are traffic-enabled.
User receives sensible IQ routes from the XL 350-TM.

The XL 350-TM is missing some of the features that are available on the previous XL340 series.
The XL 350-TM does not have Bluetooth capabilities.

The TomTom XL 350-TM provides the impressive navigation features that are expected from TomTom, the industry standard screen at 4.3”. It includes a lifetime map and traffic update.

The TomTom XL 350-TM Review
XL 350-TM ($124 online, $150 ‘nearby’ prices as of 9/27/2011) would appeal to existing TomTom fans, navigators and newcomers as well. Like the other models available in the XL 350 series, this unit has a 4.3” touchscreen.

The XL 350-TM boasts a subscription-free lifetime update for the traffic and map updates. All the 350 models have seven million POIs, IQRoutes technology, maps for the United States, Mexico & Canada and Text to Speech.

Many times the maps that are included provide one of the main differences between the competing models. The models that do not have these maps are generally the models with the lower price points.

It is not a surprise that the XL 350-TM has features that are identical to the XXL 550-TM. The only difference between these two series is the screen size on each of the products. All of the XXL 550s feature a diagonal screen of 5”, whereas the XL 350 products have the standard 4.3” screen.

All the XL 350 and XXL 50 models have the ability to be upgraded. The operating system upgrade available offers quick access via the main menu to the day/night setting and the volume control.

Help can be accessed on the main menu with a single touch. ‘Where am I’ information is also available with touch access.

When you are planning a route, on the summary screen there is now a ‘Change Route’ option. Choosing this new option will take you to another menu providing you choices to calculate another route. You can also avoid a roadblock, plan a brand new route, minimize delays, travel by another way point or avoid a section of the route.

Any option available on the ‘Plan Route’ menu can be used as the other ‘way point.’ Some of the options available include Point of Interest, Home, Address, Favorite, Recent Destination or Point on Map. These functions were previously available on the XL 340 series; however, it was necessary to access these functions from the main menu.

In general, the user interface and menu structure that is available on the XL 350 is more streamlined and simple than what is found on the XL 340 models.

The ‘Options Menu’ has replaced the ‘Change Preferences’ menu. Whereas the XL 340 offered six screens of options, the XL 350 only has three screens. Features that are used frequently can require less screen taps with the new user interface.

TomTom did remove the ‘quick menu’ feature that is found on the XL 340 and provided quick access to the features you used most often with a single tap.

Even though the XL 350-TM does not have the Bluetooth phone interface ability, it does offer the free lifetime subscription to the map updates and built-in traffic. These features do make this product a great value. So, if you are thinking about purchasing any other XL 350 models, pay the little bit extra and get the TM. You will not regret it!