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Garmin Oregon 400t

Technological innovations have definitely changed man’s lifestyle. One such helpful innovation is the GPS or GPS system. GPS is short for Global Positioning System. It is a set of satellites in geostationary earth orbits which are used to aid in determining geographic location at any point in the globe through the help of portable electronic receivers. Basically, it is of great help in navigation.

There are a lot of GPS system models available in the market. But you should be able to pick which one of them will particularly suit your needs. A good recommendation here would be Garmin Oregon 400t.

The Garmin Oregon 400t is famous for a lot of its features and specifications. But perhaps its revolutionary iPhone-like touch screen is one feature that has caught the eyes of many. This type of screen makes navigating through the device fairly easy and intuitive. The interface is also pretty much user-friendly. Durability of this screen is also another bonus. You can still use it very well under various conditions.

This device also comes with a complete set of topographic maps of the United States. You can still add on more maps to your collection especially if you want to visit places outside the United States. This device has SSD map cards to help you with that. The SSD map cards are also much more practical since you would not have to go through fiddly online downloading and unlocking.

This device also boasts of top-of-the-line features that you will find very useful and interesting. For instance, there is the paperless geocaching that is integrated with geocaching.com-a website that tracts geocaches, and a barometric altimeter. You can also use an electronic compass for accurate north, east, west, and south navigation. There are also user profiles which you can customize according to your preference. You can use one profile for every outdoor activity you have if you really want to get organized. The device is also highly configurable it is IPX7-rated waterproof.

You can also enjoy its strong track management tools and you have the option to show data fields only when you are navigating. You can just customize the settings to do this. Text entry using this device is also easier as compared to other handheld devices for navigation. Plus, you can now share data wirelessly with other handheld devices from the brand names Oregon and Colorado lines. Lastly, it is also provides accurate information which is an important feature for navigation. You do not want to get lost even if you have a navigational device

But of course, the Garmin Oregon 400t also has its downsides. For one, it can be expensive. Some also complain that the main menu looks cluttered because it has so many options. Its weight is also a trouble for other users

Finally, its 3-inch screen is also a downside for some because the screen visibility is very poor when it is placed under direct sunlight. So you have to adjust the viewing angle which can be a hassle.