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Garmin GPS Reviews

The inventions and innovations in the field of navigation and travel have greatly improved the accuracy of determining routes, positions and known places. When the Global Positioning Systems technology of the United States was made available to the general public, a lot of researchers and entrepreneurs found a new way to change modern living through a compact navigation tool. One of the best known manufacturers of GPS devices is a Garmin. Established in 1989, Garmin is one of the most competitive companies designing, developing, manufacturing and marketing these state-of-the-art navigation tools through vertical integration and covering different aspects where positioning is needed like aviation, marine, automotive, outdoor recreation, survey, research and wireless options.

The GPS system developed by Garmin is one of the most popular and highly trusted navigation systems because of their products’ quick response and diversity of features. Garmin continues to keep their products up to date not only with the most recent trends in navigation but as well as the latest and most ergonomic designs to make the gadgets look more trendy and comfortable to use. Garmin ensures that there is a GPS device available to users with different purposes and the company maintains an online database of available resources for their navigation gadgets. Maps available for download include archives for automotive units, which include street maps and road maps; maps for marine applications, which emphasize the addition of the open sea navigation system, and the outdoor maps that can be used for recreational and other purposes. Garmin units also pride large memories for storing waypoints, tracks and routes and trackpoints.

Some handheld systems feature increased positional accuracies by averaging the user’s location, making it more precise for mapping purposes. Gadgets for cars are now boasting great designs, like thinner packaging, anti-glare screens, touch screen inputs, high resolution displays, quality voice talk backs, indoor usage capabilities and additional entertainment features. Marine navigation tools are often waterproof and are weather-resistant, which can resist corrosion due to the presence of salt in sea water and have greater reception capabilities for improved usage in the open sea. Garmin’s goal to be the best competes with that of the iPhone technology and some of the company’s latest models pride sleek and stylish designs combined with powerful navigation technology. Garmin has also included free traffic data to their automotive navigation units – a useful feature that can give more options for drivers and travelers to find alternative routes to reach their destinations in a shorter period of travel.

Some of Garmin’s most popular GPS units include eTrex, H, ForeTrex 101, GPS Map 76, Oregon450 and their bestselling Nuvi line, which include the 1390T, 1350T and 265WT. Though Garmin offers users with great features and new trends, most of their units come at a very expensive price. Some of their models that feature glossy screens produce more glare when used under direct sunlight. Some automotive navigation gadgets are not very useful when used as a handheld tool. But a great number of customers have found Garmin products excellent and in some cases, satisfactory. Researching the models will definitely give more insights and real customer feedbacks to those who are intending to purchase a product from Garmin.