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Sonocaddie V300

Sonocaddie V300 Golf playing has come a long way. Today it is not just about how skillful you are in the greens but a little push from technology can go a long way. For this reason, a golf GPS has become an integral part in any man’s golf game. GPS stands for “Global Positioning System”, and a golf GPS works by communicating through satellites in order to determine its position then relates it to pre-set targets along a golf course. You can have the option to download or enter manually any pre-set target in an entire golf course. However, not all golf GPS are created equal. The Sonocaddie V300 has ranked highly among golfers all over the world and this review is bent to show the strengths and weaknesses of this piece of unit.

When you look at a Sonocaddie V300, the first thing that will catch your attention is that it is a color display unit. The display is high resolution and shows information not only about your pre-set targets but also hazards and lay up points. This is an advantage for a golfer because all the necessary information is available without interfering game play. The unit comes with a rechargeable battery able to last the whole 15 hours plus it can store up to 30 courses immediately. For you own convenience, it can take measurements either in yards or meters. In the event that you splash water or get some rain while playing, you do not have to worry because the Sonocaddie V300 is virtually waterproof. Standard in the Sonocaddie V300 are the features that are available in any modern GPS unit, it has memory for your course data, an internal antenna with a satellite receiver and a superb display. The main advantage of this unit from the rest of the pack is that these standard features have quality stamped all over plus some unique features only the Sonocaddie V300 possess.

This unit features a new user interface that shows your actual position on the golf course in real time, and when you move to your next location, you position is also tracked on the screen of this unit. As you move along the course, the unit is continually updated with each pre-set target. In addition, this unit has the ability to record locations for individual shots right on the screen and then trace waypoints during each round. The memory of this GPS unit will store this information in case you want to see it for reference at a later time. If you want to improve you game, this feature is very important because even if you have a coach beside you, it would be quite difficult to have this information handy at a later date.

Any hi-tech gadget these days come with some inherent flaws and the Sonocaddie V300 is not an exception. The 5-way navigation button can be quite hard to manipulate as opposed to joysticks and circular buttons available in other gps units. One glitch you might encounter is when you intend to push a button; it goes to another directional input instead. This can be quite cumbersome. Meanwhile, when you use the green view of this unit, one drawback you will notice is that the front and back points of the green do not move and unless you are dead center on the fairway, you would still be needing some guessing with respect to distance between the nearest and farthest points on the green relative to your position. With all that said, if you can live with these kinks,then this gps unit is well worth its price pegged at 213.94 dollars.