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TomTom XL 340S

TomTom XL 340S ReviewsTaking a trip to an unknown destination is full of excitement. However, for travelers who want a little comfort while heading into the unknown, a TomTom XL 340S eases the discomfort and offers a sense of guidance during the journey. As with all electronics, consumers need to weigh the pros and cons of any purchase. Spending $84.99 on TomTom XL 340S is a super bargain and you will truly appreciate this technology.

What is so great about the TomTom XL 340S and what can it do for you? Programming your trip is easy. A touch screen prompts you for city, street and house number information. Once you arrive at your destination, suppose you want to travel around the city and take in the sights? There are 7 million points of interest along with an IQ router that helps locate the quickest way to arrive at a destination. If you drift off of the planned route, TomTom automatically reroutes your drive and returns you to the correct road. Sometimes being punctual is hindered with traffic congestion or highway construction. It alerts you of these problems and requests a route alteration. Then you can be on your way down the road.

In addition to showcasing a map of your destination, a friendly voice guides you along. These voices speak various languages. Some famous celebrities such as Mr. T and John Cleese offer their voices for an exciting adventure. Many voices can be purchased and downloaded from the TomTom website. They can be saved on your computer and deleted from the GPS to allow space for other information you may wish to add.

Precise directions guide you while driving. A visual reference displays a lane assist on the screen showing you exactly in which lane to drive. This is a popular feature since drivers customize the animated vehicle. For example, if you drive a van, then select a van to travel in the lane assist. It is easy to glance at the screen while driving. Other directions that users enjoy is information about how many miles are left to the destination, time left to the destination, how fast your vehicle is moving and the posted speed limit of the road.

Even though this TomTom has superb features, there are a few shortcomings worth considering before purchasing this device. First, it is a few inches larger than the top three GPS units making it heavier when attaching to the windshield. The battery life is shorter, but that is easily remedied as the power cord is readily attached to it and can be plugged into a socket in the vehicle. It does not allow you to program custom routes. Finally, it does not have voice recognition nor is it Bluetooth compatible. However, since the GPS is being used to drive to unknown places, some drivers may appreciate fewer distractions and care more about a safe arrival.

Weighing the pros and cons of a new piece of equipment is important, but the $84.99 value and versatility of the TomTom XL 340S helps make any trip truly memorable.