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Garmin Nuvi 3760LMT

Garmin puts out a fantastic product and the Garmin Nuvi 3760LMT will not disappoint. Getting you to your destination is not the only function the Garmin Nuvi 3760LMT can perform for you. It has a large 4.3 inch display with multi-touch controls. You will definitely be amazed by these functions…. [Read more of this article]

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Garmin Nuvi 3790LMT

The Garmin Nuvi 3790LMT is one of the best choices in GPS devices available on the market. Its small size makes it easy to handle. It is easy to place in the car as well as take out for safe keeping. It weighs a mere 4 ounces, making it very easy to conceal when necessary…. [Read more of this article]

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Garmin Unveils 2012 GPS Line-up

Garmin unveiled its new line-up of GPS devices for 2012 in plenty of time for people to decide which they would like for the holidays. These new car navigation systems include more advanced features than previous versions, including traffic services, and include basic models as well as mid-priced and premium models… [Read more of this article]

LightSquared to Save GPS

Technology could once again save the day, if politics don’t get in the way. According to various news reports, the Global Positioning Systems (GPS) interference issue that the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and the United States Air Force (USAF) Space Command brought against LightSquared will soon be solved… [Read more of this article]

Ten years ago, a long road trip would have required the use of many maps, but today all you need is a GPS system. Whether you have this software installed in your cell phone or as a separate device on your dashboard, one thing is for sure: they’ve changed the way people travel. Here is one of many GPS reviews.

GPS reviews on prominent brands like Tom Tom, Magellan and others are sometimes difficult to find. When reading GPS reviews, sometimes it’s best to look at consumer GPS reviews. First, before reading GPS reviews at all, you should be aware of the function of this device.

GPSs are designed as small, portable computers with built-in navigational software. Remember those stacks of maps you used to thumb through on the highway? No more! This system talks aloud to you, guiding you through turns and tracking your vehicle by satellite as you drive across the country. GPS reviews information and warns you of sudden stops or slows in traffic, tells you about accidents and alerts you to dangerous driving conditions due to weather.

Another great function is that the GPS reviews data and also tells you about upcoming rest stops, tourist attractions, roadside cafes, gas stations and much more. In addition, if you find yourself stuck in sluggish traffic or waiting for an accident to be moved out of the road, it also gives you alternate routes. Instead of taking a freeway, it will guide through surface streets, around a traffic obstruction, to get you to your destination.

A GPS reviews what routes are available and then acts on it. It also has the ability to adjust to your location if you make a wrong turn. For example, if your find yourself turning left when you were supposed to turn right, it will redirect itself and find a way for you to return to the previous route. Also, the GPS reviews traffic conditions long before you even get on the road. When the GPS reviews this, it will alert you to obstructions before you actually start driving, which can save much time and energy.

Types of GPS Devices

There are several different types of systems that perform these tasks. GPS reviews traffic from a satellite whether from a phone or an actual device. First, there is the basic GPS device. This is usually about the size of your hand, and made by prominent manufacturers such as Tom Tom or Magellan. They attach to your dashboard or the top of your front windshield using a window-cling.

A cell phone GPS reviews the same information that a single GPS reviews. The software is usually installed in your phone by purchasing an application – but only if your phone doesn’t already come equipped with the technology. Once the application is downloaded, your phone functions the same as a regular GPS does. It may even take voice commands.

Hand-held devices are popular as well. You may take these with you when walking or hiking through a forest. It helps you to avoid getting lost and keep aware of your surroundings. It also provides information on the nearest shelter, hotels, supermarkets and so on. It’s especially useful if hiking through territory with which you are not familiar with.

Popular GPS Manufacturers

Garmin has some of the finest products available. When it comes to purchasing an actual GPS device, however, prices range anywhere from eighty dollars to several hundred dollars. The reason is that some have more features than others. For example, a new model from Garmin is extremely thin, small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. This has several features that older models do not possess. Garmin also has a new application that may be downloaded into your phone. As a supplement to all this, some of their most recent technology allows you to connect via a BlueTooth so you may give voice commands through the speaker rather than just speaking it out loud.

Tom Tom possesses slightly more affordable technology, as well as some higher-end products. Their GPS reviews data from satellites, just like other systems, but their devices are somewhat smaller than others. Resembling small cell phones, they range anywhere from sixty dollars to several hundred. Tom Tom features some functions that other GPS reviews don’t mention. For instance, one device has the ability to guide you through streets using a celebrity’s voice, such as Snoop Dog. In some cases you may be guided by Darth Vader, from Star Wars. There are also products for sale that attach to the front of your bicycle or fit into a customized slot on your car’s dashboard.

Recently Tom Tom has also provided a downloadable application for smart phones. This software allows you to take navigational guidance with you wherever you go in your pocket. Remember that using a GPS on your cell phone uses a lot of battery, so be sure to plug it in while utilizing this specific function.

The Magellan navigational GPS reviews traffic conditions as well as weather and rest stops, just like other systems. They sell several different lines of products, however. The first is a small, egg shaped device that is handheld. This is a portable navigational tool that allows you to slip it into your pocket while engaging in hiking or walking around mountain trails. It tracks you off the road, has a built-in compass and will direct you back to civilization should you take a wrong turn.

GPS Accessories

Their car accessories functions the same as other GPS, as their GPS reviews satellite information immediately when you ask. You can hook it up to a stand in your car and stick it to the dashboard or inside of the windshield. Recently they have, like many other companies, provided an application for cell phones. However, Magellan is compatible with the Iphone.

A different product that they offer is a system that is made specifically for trucks, big rigs and RVs. This device features a huge 7″ screen, visible when you’re sitting high on a seat and the screen is far away. This is very useful to drivers who would otherwise have to strain to get a good look at the small digital images on the screen.

Most devices like takes information that the GPS reviews from external sources and alerts you to them without having to click on a link. For example, you may enable features that actually have a traffic alert. A voice will tell you about an upcoming obstruction in your path, such as a mudslide or a vehicle collision.

Using voice command is easy. Merely state the destination clearly and loudly, especially if you’re repeating a long address. The computer will then find a path for you to take. Remember that most GPS reviews routes that are designed to get you to your destination in the quickest way possible. If you want to take an alternative route, you will have to direct the computer to do so. When you take a wrong turn, it may try to redirect you to a different path, even if you know that it’s a shortcut that will get you somewhere quicker. Sometimes you may be able to pre-program certain routes into the device so that it remembers which road you want to take when you return to a certain location again.

On the other hand, you don’t have to use voice command. If you’re rather not deal with a voice talking to you while driving, all you have to do is disable the sound system. Instead of speaking your destination, you may type it into a touch-screen keyboard. Sometimes this is more accurate when entering a long address. You can then add it to an address book and select it the next time you decide to visit that location.

These same features are often available within a cell phone application. Voice command, traffic alert, lane changing, weather conditions, rest stops, address books and local directories can all be accessed just as easily as the original device can. The GPS reviews the same data within the phone as the GPS reviews from a separate device.

Before You Purchase a GPS device

When it comes to purchasing an actual GPS system, most prices check out at a basic two hundred dollars. While some products, like Tom Tom, offer cheaper prices that are as low as sixty-five dollars, Magellan’s minimum price is basically two hundred.

It’s important to do your research before you make an exceptionally expensive purchase. Make sure it will fit your car charger. Ask yourself if you will be using it enough to purchase an actual device. Perhaps it would be better for your personal needs if you simply downloaded an application to your cell phone. Maybe a handheld GPS would better fit your lifestyle if you spend a lot more time hiking than driving. It all depends on what you want features you want to see in a product, and how much you’re willing to spend on a quality technology.

A unique aspect that some manufacturers offer is the sale of refurbished GPS systems. These systems are basically used devices that have been sold back to the manufacturers, refurbished, and put on the market again at a lower price. While this might not be your first choice, it’s certainly a cheaper way to purchase what might be a more expensive item. Also, waiting a year or two for the latest technology can bring the price down from three or four hundred dollars to as low as eighty

Buy what is right for your needs. After doing a little bit of research, you should be able to decide which brand is right for you.